Friday, April 20, 2007


Boy playing old french music on the
accordian for money on the subway

Old fashion elevator

One of the many carouselle's around town
for the kids to play on after school

Outside of someone's house

subway, very clean

Antique subway entrance

Street in paris, All very tiny cars
Notice the Mcdonalds in the corner

Drinks served in bottles with NO ICE


Moulin Rouge in the Red Light District

Standing infront of monument to
Napoleon, real gold leaf on the top
of the dome

Arc de Triumph, surrounded by the
dangerous rode in Paris

Monument of Egyptian hieroglyphics
replaced the guitine


Inside Galleria Lafayette

Outside Opera House

Apartment covering

Textiles of fabric district

Textiles of fabric district, all silk

Artist painting in the art district

Yves Sait Laurent Museum
5000 haute Couture Farments
15000 accesaries, sketches, assorted onject
Over 40 years of work preserved in vaults


Standing infrount of the FRENCH sign
about Eiffel Tower

Looking up inside of the Eiffel Tower
Two elevators take yo up through the legs
There are three levels, Resteraunt on the top

One view from the Eiffel Tower

Everynight on the hour the tour is lit up with
a bunch of light bulbs

Back view of the Eiffel Tower

View of the Eiffel Tower from the
Military academy


Front veiw of main entrance to Versailles

one of the many King Louie statue

Hall of Mirrors, overlooks one side of the gardens
Mirrors are in square pannels covering the one wall

Maria Antionette statue
She decorated the palace according to each season

One of the Labrynths in the garden
What people did before TV
Sitting on the ledge at the end of one of the gardens
overlooking another garden


The Louvre, Biggest Museum of Art
I wasnt able to go through the whole gallery,
it is as big as a whole little city

One side of the Louvre
The famous glass triangle, you can actully walk
up inside the Louvre and out through

One of the many statues of the Louvre
The only thing you are allowed to take a picture of

Me standing infrount of Hamarabis Code

Up close and personal with Hamarabis Code
Standing infrount of one of the
Egyptian Wall statues


Priest condusting mass

A candle for a Prayer

St. Mary statue

Notradame at night